Merchant Notifications

Real-time Notifications & On-time Settlement

Merchants will stay informed in real time with everything that’s happening on their respective account via SMS and email notifications.

  • SMS Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Settlement Notifications
Authorization, Delegation, Protection

Wakalah Bai Al Ujrah

PayHalal wakalah contract allows our Merchants gives us legal capacity and authorizes PayHalal to conclude the ecommerce sales and payment on behalf of our merchants.

  • Facilitate economic exchanges between merchant & customers

PayHalal's Features

Easy Integration

PayHalal's plugins make it quick and easy to integrate with your online store. You can be accepting payments in no time.

Multiple Payment Methods

Let customers pay with their preferred payment method, including credit cards, debit cards, iBNPLs, eWallets, and FPX.

API Support

Use PayHalal's API to easily integrate with your website and start collecting payments instantly.

Best Pricing

Our competitive pricing makes our payment solutions affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Customer Support

Our local team is available to help you via email or phone. We'll respond quickly and provide you with the support you need.

Enhanced Security

The use of fortified tokenization gives subscribers added surety when making recurring payments via PayHalal.

Benefits of PayHalal
Proprietary Technology


Simple to use developer tools

Smart Merchant On-Boarding Contract

SNC Treatment AI
(Syariah Non-Compliant Transaction)

Robust Dashboard

Multi Payment Method

Quick Checkout Process

Syariah Compliant and BNM License


As a developer you will enjoy simple way to integrate API and technical support with PayHalal

It only takes 30 minutes for your merchant account to be activated

You can be assured of only Syariah Compliant Payments processed with PayHalal

As a developer you can use many tools to integrate to our PayHalal account

You can receive payments via Whatsapp, social media, email and e-commerce that is secure, fast and safe

Your payment clears quickly, efficiently and safely into your merchant account

You can trust PayHalal for process your payment fully compliant to Syariah and to settle your payments to you on time and infull

Open your account from anywhere in the world

Syariah Payment Solutions for Every Halal Business Needs.

Power up your business with a shariah compliant payment gateway that fits your needs.

E-Commerce Payment

Payment collection for your website with ready plugin via shopping cart plug-ins complete with shariah transaction purification and full payment method suites which includes Credit Cards , debit Cards , B2B Online Payment Transfer, eWallets and Islamic Buy Now Paylater methods .

Check out our SME 365 package with our Advisors and how you can enjoy low iMDR

Available Shopping Carts: PretaShop, WooCommerce, Opencart (Version 1.xx & 3.xx) & EasyStore

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Recurring Payment Plans

If you are seeking for a shariah compliant recurring payment that ensures purity of transaction, PayHalal is the option for you.

Our technology provides ease of usage, enhanced security via fortified tokenisation to provide your subscribers added surety when it comes to making recurring payment via PAYHALAL .

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Payment Link

Trusted payment via links made easier to collect your money via whatsapp/social media through payment links in just a few clicks. Shariah compliant Payment link solution available for credit and debit card, FPX, Islamic Buy Now Pay Later* and Ewallet . With PAYHALAL all your payments are purified .

*Subject to Approval.
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HalalKitty QR Payment

Collect payment via QR Payment as an alternative to expensive payment terminal. Ideal for micro merchants in the stall food businesses. Be assured of payments collected via HalalKitty QR is fully compliant to shariah contract equipped with smart aqad. Collect credit and debit cards payment, FPX, Islamic Buy Now Pay Later* and Ewallet safe and secure today

Available Payment Channels: Visa/Mastercard, FPX, BNPL & E-wallets (TnG, GrabPay & Atome)

*Subject to Approval.
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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have or see all questions here!

CVC/CVV2 is an anti-fraud security feature to help verify that you are in possession of your credit card. For Visa/Mastercard, the three-digit CVC/CVV2 number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card’s account number.

No. If the confirmation email has expired please email [email protected]

Please contact the merchant directly for any inquiries regarding :-

  • General query about your order
  • You’ve been billed incorrectly
  • Order cancellation and refund

Please, contact the stores where the purchase was made. The store is responsible at all times for any queries relating to the payment and fulfillment of your order. Their contact details should be displayed on their website, or the store purchase receipt and on the transaction confirmation email. As a Payment Service Provider we only provide stores with the ability to accept card payments securely over the Internet. We do not handle the goods and we are not authorized to cancel orders or give refunds.

Payhalal is a Payment Service Provider that enables businesses with an online store to accept credit card, Internet Banking and e-wallet payments securely over the Internet. It is the online store’s responsibility to confirm acceptance of your order, the delivery timescale, and to handle any queries you may have related to the payment and fulfillment of your order. You may check the delivery policy on the online store’s website.

This could be for many different reasons; however, Payhalal is not informed of the exact reason why the transaction has been declined. Reasons why your payment was declined include:

  1. Some of the card/personal details entered do not match the information held by your Card Issuer.
  2. You do not have enough cleared funds on your card to cover the amount of the purchase.
  3. Your card has been reported as lost/stolen and been canceled by your Card Issuer.
  4. Your card has or is due to expire and has been replaced by your Card Issuer.
  5. Your card has recently been replaced by your Card Issuer but not yet activated.
  6. Your card cannot be used to pay for goods/services in a Cardholder-Not-Present environment (online/over the Internet).
  7. There may be a problem with your Card Issuer’s authorization system.
  8. You haven’t activated 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) of your card.
  9. If you are sure that none of the reasons above apply to your payment attempt, we recommend you try again. However, should the problem persist, please contact your Card Issuer to find out further information. If this means you are unable to pay by credit card, Online Banking or e-wallet available on Payhalal, please contact the online store directly to discuss the alternative payment options available to you.

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